Ardas Kaur – Welcome!

Dear friend and yogi,
Ardas Yoga - EncinitasWelcome to Ardas Yoga.  My name is Nicole Krupinsky and the website was named after my spritual name, Ardas Kaur.  This name was given to me by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, prior to him leaving his physical body in 2004.  The name Ardas means Princess of Prayer.  It is my hopes and prayers that Ardas Yoga will reach thousands of souls who are longing to return to their true self.  By true self I mean that person, that soul, that Divine self  that you were meant to be, and love, on this journey of life.  Its there for each and every one of us, however, many of us need the tools, technology, and support to help us unlock this hidden potential.  We all come into this world with our breath.  How we breath is how we live.  If we breath shallow and only in our chest, we live with fear and anxiety.   If we breath deep and consciously, we live more deeply and with awareness.

So let us begin there……breathe!!!   Breathe into your belly and then allow the breath to come up into your rib cage and chest.  Now as you exhale, see if you can allow yourself to really let go, softening the chest and gently pulling your navel center back to your spinal column.  Do this a few times…..inhaling to expand, fill up, and exhale to release and let go.  This is pranayama.  This is the present moment.  This is life!

Enjoy your journey and may you find the style of yoga that best fits you and your lifestyle.  And may your yoga practice return you to the beautiful, creative, and intuitive person that YOU already ARE.  Enjoy the journey!

Sat Nam,

Nicole, Ardas Kaur